Take HVAC off your plate

Smart Sensors + AI + Project Management = Zero Worries.

Designed for light commercial HVAC, Monaire's comprehensive solution takes care of your HVAC 24x7, saving you time and money.

24x7 data

Monaire's preferred mechanical contractors install and commission smart thermostats and sensors that collect HVAC data

AI diagnosis

Monaire's AI analyzes data and predicts faults before failure occurs. AI detects inefficiencies and continuously optimizes the system

Proactive Service

Monaire project managers schedule repairs to fix faults, manage tenant complaints and optimize your systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Monaire's proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology automatically learns how each system and building behaves. AI continuously monitors thermostat and sensor data to predict when the system is deviating from optimal operation. Algorithms raise alerts with Monaire project managers and equip them with information on how to quickly resolve the issue. This fault detection system prevents issues before equipment failure, lowering equipment downtime by 70%.

Thermostat and Sensors

Sensors and thermostats communicate wirelessly, making installation a breeze. Sensors measure indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, and supply temperature to maximize comfort and air quality. Motion sensors adjust settings in response to building occupancy.

Complaint management

Using a simple QR code scan, building occupants can report complaints or adjust indoor temperature to maximize personal comfort.
Over time, the AI learns from these requests and automatically adjusts the thermostat to reflect user preferences.
Complaints are directly filed with Monaire project managers, who promptly take action.

Project management

Monaire project managers respond to occupant complaints and alerts raised by AI. They coordinate repair scheduling with preferred Monaire contractors and review work performed to guarantee effectiveness.
Monaire project managers use AI insights and detailed reports to pinpoint issues, helping contractors resolve issues quickly.

Energy use optimization

Monaire's AI leverages internal and external temperature, humidity, and building occupancy data to create smart heating and cooling schedules that maximize comfort and minimize energy use.